Dispatches in a Read Manner

Crazy as it may sound to some I would much rather read than watch. What I mean to impart is a sort of ‘I prefer the book over the movie’ persuasion on my part.

A very excellent set of videos available for those mission minded folk is Tim Keesee’s Dispatches from the Front. I think they are currently on number seven and they are highly recommended from our home.

DispatchesToday though, an ecstatic shout toward my Kindle could be heard as I joyfully found that Tim Keesee has released a book of these adventures of his travels abroad into the lands where our missionaries serve. Can anyone say, “Wah-hoo?” Go ahead, you know you want to say it.

From intro… (By reading this book) you will see the curtain pulled back on the glorious and unstoppable advance of the gospel. This is a dangerous book to read, for you may never be the same. Come and see.

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Trying Hard and Feeling Guilty

Chip Ingram, in his work, True Spirituality, makes this observation of the early church:

The early church that changed the world was marked by two distinct characteristics:

  1. Radical, self-sacrificing love for one another
  2. Lifestyles of holiness and moral purity winsomely lived out with no air of self-righteousness or legalism

The question is how did they do it?

true-spirituality-bookThe author of this Romans 12 focused book identifies a common misunderstanding, that spiritual growth does not equal trying hard. Rather, growth is achieved by the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:2).

When our focus is on our behavior and even on our attitude, one of two things seems to always happen; either we manage to pridefully conform to an external rule, or we become frustrated by our failure and live in defeat and despair.

True spiritual growth, he shares, begins with our thinking, “As a man thinks in his heart so he is.”

So rightfully one might ask, “How do I renew my mind?” The answer of course we all know, “Stop the input of toxins and replace them with the truth of God’s Word, the beauty of God’s creation, and the encouragement of God’s people.” Such simplicity, and yet…

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NY Muslim Man Who ‘Disciplined’ Wife to Death for Not Making Goat Dinner Sentenced

GavelTo which one might only go, “Huh?” The Christian News Network in an article written by Heather Clark, reports that Noor Hussain beat his wife to death for her refusal to make him a goat dish.

His defense provided a quotation from the Quran in an effort to show why this husband believed he had the right to take such actions against his disobedient spouse.

“Men are the managers of the affairs of women for that God has preferred in bounty one of them over another, and for that they have expended of their property. Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for God’s guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them.”

Some step forward in the article to make it known that the Quran (4:34) indeed does not warrant such brutality, and that men are only allowed to beat their wives “lightly,” and only after extinguishing other means of discipline. Amazingly, the article mentions an eligibility date for parole. Again I say, “Huh?”  The entire article can be found here.

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Looting Livingstone and Embracing a Bigot’s Communism

Do not think me mad. It is not to make money that I believe a Christian should live. The noblest thing a man can do is, just humbly to receive, and then go amongst others and give. –David Livingstone

praying2520togetherA word from Mr. Livingstone to entice your attention to a fantastic article from that bigot of askme, Church Rules, Stalin Drools, in which she pursues to demonstrate a first-century approach toward life in the church regarding the possessions God has blessed us with.

It is with much insight that she reveals our fear; the well will run dry if I give, but with much enthusiasm disputes our fear with the revelation; we don’t draw from a well, but a spring.

The bigot also does a little borrowing herself as we are reminded when the multitudes needed fed, and the disciples began their him-haw, Jesus’ instructions were, “You feed them… don’t send them elsewhere,” to make one ponder our current dependence on government assistance.

My meanderings will not do justice to her article, so take a gander for yourself. One final act of thievery however… “Take that, Stalin.”

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Why Has America Soured Toward Evangelicals?

In an article written by Morgan Lee published at The Christian Post, Tullian Tchividjian in interview format reveals why he believes America has soured toward evangelicals.

The negative view held by Non-Evangelicals about Evangelicals, as reflected in a recent poll, is because believers have lost sight of the Gospel’s core message, said Billy Graham’s grandson and Florida pastor Tullian Tchividjian.

worship-millennials-youth-young-people-christians-church“The core message of the Christian faith has been lost in the public sector because what we are primarily known for is our political ideology or opinion,” Tchividjian told The Christian Post.


What is the message Tchividjian believes that Evangelicals ought to be sharing?

“In Luke 4, Jesus about says himself, “I have come to set the captives free. I’ve come to liberate the oppressed. I have come to save broken people,” said Tchividjian.

For Christians who claimed that their negative image was a consequence of them speaking an unpopular truth, Tchividjian cautioned against automatically arriving at this conclusion.

“If people are going to stumble over what we say, it’s going to be because we’re called to speak the gospel which Paul says is a stumbling box. But I can’t go out there and be a jerk and align myself with a political party or a candidate and get crucified on either the right or the left and just say “I’m just a martyr for the truth.” No, you’re not even speaking the truth that God has called you to speak first and foremost.”

Moving and challenging words from one of my favorite authors. The entire article can be found here.

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