Blue Parakeets, Heretics, and Elephants who will not Leave the Room

Blue ParakeetThe traffic slows. The common crowd thins. Many of the visitors who do stop by steer clear of the like button, and certainly will refrain from commenting. It’s another parakeet post and the inference of their content goes against the grain of, well, I’m not sure what it goes against the grain of… Am I a heretic because I write about the traditional allowance of suggested gender devaluation?

If orthodoxy can be defined as right teaching, then surely it is profitable to want to have, know, and live with that right teaching, even if it stands against what is popular, or what is commonly taught.

Arianism, long ago, attracted a great following, so much so, that the divine-Jesus crowd would hold the minority status at one time, and yet these lesser refused to relinquish their quest for truth, to show the insistence of Scripture regarding the deity of the Christ.

This is not a challenge of that magnitude, but I think it is still important to discuss, for in the balance here lies the body’s ability to minister if in fact we restrain those gifted, with gender prejudices against God’s will.

The irritant stance of turning a blind eye suggests that the traditional roles of each gender is accepted by all and that there is no friction, but that just isn’t so. Take for example, a certain hero of modern evangelicalism has a daughter who makes some very moving points on this topic, Anne Graham Lotz’ article, “Women Like Me Are Abused Worldwide. Here’s Why.”

To shrug this conversation off as though it has no merit will only continue the festering of an age-old wound. Maybe, just maybe, there is something of value being shouted from the other side of the room.

So I make no apology for my leaving the blue parakeet freely flying from the confines of its cage… to soar about here on occasion.

Agreements and disagreements both are welcome, like or no like. I only wish that people will quit pretending that the elephant is not standing in the room.

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Ragamuffins Out and About; How Do I Handle My Failures?

“I made so many mistakes and such big mistakes. How do I handle my failures?”

I love this picture... so I stole it!

I love this picture… so I stole it!

Now that is a great question needing a great answer by a great many all of us! Christina Carter, guest-posting at Rhonda Ellis, Cultivating A Home Mentoring Hearts to Impact Homes for Christ, offers godly and motivating counsel for those desiring to get beyond life’s falls and failures with a transparent “it takes one to know one” heart.

You will also want to journey around the site while there as the penning author, Rhonda Ellis, brings her readers along the gardening trail of life with Jesus. All thumbs are up as we recommend this site to you.

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Blue Parakeets who must needs go through Samaria

220px-Jesus_and_Samaritan_at_Jacob's_wellAvoiding broken stuff to sit among we the broken people, as one broken brother described my effort to make an appearance at the broken wrecked-table, we opened our Bibles to John 4. It would be an evening proposing probably many more excellent questions than answers, leaving one lingering even here until morning.

Jesus, in this encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well directly identifies himself with none of his usual hazy inferences, “I am the one you look for.”

It takes no more than a dilettante theologian to recognize something very special is taking place here at this well Jacob once dug, where now, no forthright Jew would be found partaking its elixir.  And yet, Jesus asks for a drink… from a woman… a Samaritan woman… a Samaritan woman of very ill-repute.

One of the broken asks ‘why?’ ‘Why so much unusual attention towards this woman?’ Is it possible that God is wrecking havoc on the cultural insistence of gender division? To loudly proclaim, “There is no difference for those found in Christ Jesus?”

This interests me provocatively. The immediate disciples of Jesus are in awe of his interaction with this woman… maybe we should spend a little more time examining why?

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Dancing in the Street

dits2Perched aside that wrecked-table visited weekly, we heard those familiar, directed toward the well-dwelling-woman, words from the heart of our Pastor,

“God is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and truth.”

It is that word ‘spirit’ with the little ‘s’ that snares one’s attention… for what exactly does that mean?

What if our consideration at the table is correct in its assessment, that the little ‘s’ is very significant? What if words like enthusiasm and passion, like the emotions we will display toward our favorite teams this Saturday (think pep-rally), are at least part of what Jesus means?

ditsShould we really see King Jesus in His glory then, we might join Martha and those Vandellas… or an Israeli king graced with God’s own heart… we might find ourselves dancing in the street, with no neglect of the truth, mind you!

Okay, so a few of you may need the names Van Halen, Black Oak Arkansas, or Bowie and Jagger mentioned. Still nothing… Google it friends, Google it.


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Grace That Sees Beyond My Dear Younger Me

Old, young, or in-between, I suppose we each tote with us a “dear younger me,” words sung by Mercy Me. It’s those younger-me-activities finding their regrets fostered in the heart that leave scars crying out:

“I wish I hadn’t done that.”

The stern reality expressed in the song’s lyrics, “You were never meant to carry this beyond the cross,” strike for a moment’s solace, but the memories will return again, just wait and see.

Though we all may boast with like-reasoning, some have been gifted to speak and write gracefully on the subject I think more so than others, willing to bear their souls before the accepting, condemning, and critical alike, almost disturbingly having reached a place that harbors only what’s ahead, shucking the weight of the past, even if that past was just yesterday.

Pic IKGGSuch is the writing ability of Jeanna Caldwell, author of the site that bears her name for the world to see, just as the world is welcomed into some of the chambers of her life most of us aggressively choose to keep padlocked.

In a recent article spent thrashing about the delicate agony of failed marriages, titled I Kissed Grace Goodbye, we are made privileged to these thoughts,

“One stolen kiss was all it took to bind myself in chains. I was in a vulnerable place–seemingly rejected–and staring straight at the world with naïve curiosity. I said goodbye to grace and hello to losing. Lost value, lost worth, lost discernment. Contented singleness was devoured by discontented desires. I traded in my values for his, because at all costs–I had to make it work. I planned the wedding without a proposal. We were married 4 years after the stolen kiss. It was only a kiss. It was only a kiss.”

This is but one of a growing archive of moving and challenging articles by this author, and I’ll not be giving away where my blogging buddy’s (I am thankful for the given moniker) anchor finds it’s hold, I have a feeling you know. Still, one final stolen line I share, “Shake that old stuff off…and welcome to the new.” Take a look… you’ll be glad you did.

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