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How Did Jesus Interpret the Old Testament?

“You have heard it said… but I say…” Twenty-four hours; one day; the simple waiting of the sun to set once more, and all would have been different. But Jesus didn’t wait. Matter being, he instigated a big ordeal. The scene opens with … Continue reading

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Enns and His Misbehaving Bible

An exodus heralds its ads from the living-room screen, “Come see Christian Bale take on Pharaoh and his goons,” while a friend leans back on Wednesday eve with words, “Did you feel awkward sitting through tonight’s lesson having just written … Continue reading

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The Bible Tells Me So, or not

What will we do if there are informational inaccuracies in that book we hold so dear? What if the Bible is not an instructional manual for the Christian life at all? What if it is instead a compilation of literature … Continue reading

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A Moment of Sheer Honesty

Why parables? No, not why did Jesus speak so often in parables, as my friend Joe will admit, “Everybody knows that,” but why my of-a-sudden interest in them, and further still, why drag you, the faithful reading few, through them with … Continue reading

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5 Churchy Phrases That Are Scaring Off Millennials

This a very revealing article written by Addie Zierman at the “onfaith” site. The author, a recovering statistic herself of the great fall-away, prods us to examine our lingo, noting that this is not our granddaddy’s age, meaning, everyone (yes, everyone) … Continue reading

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