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Wading Among the Who Chose Who

Two of the more fascinating recent thinkers of the faith, at least by my count, C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer, are often appreciated resources in my own feeble attempt to snag a wee portion of wading deeper. Regarding their thought to … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Amos and a Dab of Lighthouse

In the land, many surmise that nothing is much amiss. The estate has suffered its pauses but none the less continues to see its citizenry burgeon. The might of her military is brag-worthy and interest in religion is thriving. From the south, a dresser … Continue reading

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Glimmers from a Lighthouse

Yesterday evening, while discussing the reports that in our nation, ninety percent of Southern Baptist churches have plateaued, are declining, or growing at a pace slower than their community, my friend and Pastor shared these words of encouragement to us from Jesus. “Take my yoke upon … Continue reading

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What to Do with Lazarus and a Rich Man

One of the more difficult challenges for the credo-hopeful as myself is to find a safe place in the midst of so much disagreement within the realm of biblical interpretation. Some insist that the old way is always the best way; stick … Continue reading

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What the Church Won’t Talk About

Imagine confiding from the pew, “I can’t win the battle over my lustful desires,” or “I’ve committed the same stinking sin fifty plus times this week, and right now, I want to go do it again” or even “I’m on … Continue reading

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