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An Opportunity To Be Like Jesus

The largest purchases I have ever made have been homes. Now The Darling and I are beginning to look at that scenario again…selling and purchasing…and the realtor’s mantra of “location, location, location” echoes in our minds. It is an old … Continue reading

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Journaling in Distant Lands; A Bowl Big Enough for All

“Grab a bite of something good,” Matt encouraged by phone during our layover in a U. S. airport, “It may be your last decent meal for a while.” Praises be he was wrong. In fact, some of the meals we … Continue reading

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Asking The Right Questions

 “What did you study in Sunday School?” “The Bible” “What did you learn about?” “Jesus” The conversation was repeated so many times, and in so many variations, that it has become a family joke.  The joke being, that the answer … Continue reading

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