Lighthouse Notes 05 22 2011

Matthew 26: 26-30

The Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper (Pastor Joey Rountree)

(The Lord’s Supper to be observed in the evening service.  The Pastor encouraged us to return tonight, not out of guilt from today’s sermon, but for the right reason; our love for Jesus.)

Today’s text covers the account of Jesus and His disciples observing the Passover.  The disciples are observing this meal in light of the Old Testament Passover. Jesus however, is instituting the New Covenant ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.

Two Elements:

1. The Bread ~ in the breaking of the bread, we not only remember our Lord’s death, but His suffering.  We see the breaking of His body (not broken bones), for our sakes.  In verse 26, Jesus said, “Take, eat, this is My body.”  John 6: 51 ~ Jesus’ claim to be the Living Bread.  His words, as explained in the passage, were spiritual (or symbolic), not meant to imply His literal transformation into the bread.  It is symbolic of His being broken for our sins.

2. The Cup ~ From Exodus 6, this element of the Passover included four cups.  They represented God’s promise to, a. Bring them out of Egypt, b. Deliver them from their bondage, c. Redeem them, and d. Be their God (they would be His people).  The cup represents Christ’s blood shed for His people.  Jesus said, “Drink, this is My blood of the new covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins.”  From Exodus 24, the covenant is ratified by the blood.  (Jeremiah 31:31-34) New Covenant

Illustration: We must properly understand the message of the bread and the cup.  I can say, “I love you.”  Then, “Watch, I’ll prove it.”  I can then step into a busy intersection and allow cars to run me over until I’m dead.  But this will do nothing for you, and it is not what the Bible is conveying.  For me to die for you means nothing.  His death meant everything!  Jesus’ death did something we can’t do!  His death paid for my sins.

Atonement ~ Jesus’ death enabled atonement.  Jesus’s sacrifice brought together the hands of sinful men with the hand of Holy God.

Verse 29 – “I’m going to die for you…one day I’ll drink it brand new with you…” (future)

Consider the confused disciples. They came to observe the Passover.  Jesus has transformed the Passover – – and initiates the Lord’s Supper.  What is transfered here for the disciples is instituted for the Church.

2 Corinthians 11:23-26 ~ Paul confirms the transition.

Seven reasons the believer should approach the Lord’s Table with “Great Desire,” “a Clean Heart,” and “with Fear and Trembling.”

1. An act of obedience – not optional.  Jesus said so.

2. An act of worship – possibly the highest point of Christian worship.  A deep reflection on what Jesus did.  When I forget, I take for granted.

3. Symbol of unity with Christ –  Identifies us with what He did.  Partakers of His body.

4. Act of Christian unity – a family meal, communion, something in common.  (1 Co 10:17) We share the same DAD.  He is the Guest of Honor!

5. Examination – 1 Co 11:28, 31  to examine and judge to ensure our relationship is right.

6. Proclamation of the Gospel – When the Lord’s Supper is rightly observed, the Gospel is declared; that Jesus died and rose again.

7. Reminder of our future hope – “Until He comes…”  “Don’t only think back, and look within, but also look ahead.”

The Lord’s Supper is unique.  When anyone else passes away, we honor their life.  We honor Jesus’ death.  Think about the Lord’s Supper in singular terms.  He did this for me!

The Church longs for the day when the family of God can set at a table large enough to seat the entire family.

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