A. W. Tozer on Self-discovery

“Rules for Self Discovery: 
1. What we want most; 
2. What we think about most; 
3. How we use our money; 
4. What we do with our leisure time; 
5. The company we enjoy; 
6. Who and what we admire; 
7. What we laugh at.” 
A. W. Tozer

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Seeking the rest that is only promised and found in Christ Jesus, along with my treasured wife of more than twenty-five years, we seek to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, walk with the Holy Spirit as He moves our hearts, loving others always as Jesus loves us, and carry the news of His glory, the wonderful gospel, that gives light and life where there once was only darkness.
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3 Responses to A. W. Tozer on Self-discovery

  1. evanlaar1922 says:

    Is self-discovery the same as self-awareness?

  2. Debbie says:

    “Hardly anything else reveals so well the fear and uncertainty among men as the length to which they will go to hide their true selves from each other and even from their own eyes.” ~A.W. Tozer
    So true – thanks for the reminder!

  3. lambskinny says:

    “ooh.” Talk about convicting!

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