John Huss’ Prayer

“Lord Jesus, it is for thee that I patiently endure this cruel death. I pray thee to have mercy on my enemies.” John Huss

What’s up with this guy? It sounds as though he is imitating some pretty well-known characters from the Bible. Like maybe Stephen? But then, this prayer finds itself being offered in the year, 1415 A.D.

John Huss was tied and burned to death for his defiance of the religious authority of his day. How did he defy them? By proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the head and only authority over the church. The religious leaders of his day had claimed that status for themselves. (This sure sounds a lot like reading from the pages of the Bible’s account of the Gospel and the Pharisees.)

Huss’ proclaiming the sovereignty and lordship of Jesus cost him his life. But God would use his life to impact the history of the church. For not many years down the road, a man by the name of Martin Luther would be greatly influenced by Huss’ work.

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