Really… Graffiti?

Lounging around the ship (on our cruise), TC and I happened upon a movie I’d never heard of titled, “Contagion.” In one scene, a reporter is being chastised about his blogging, and he is told, “Blogging isn’t writing, it’s just graffiti with punctuations.” Ouch!

At first, I felt a little angered by such a remark… especially with my wife ribbing his remark on, but then began to look at some of the amazing works of art labeled graffiti, and well, so be it. Maybe it was one of the greatest compliments  bloggers have ever received. 🙂


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Seeking the rest that is only promised and found in Christ Jesus, along with my treasured wife of more than twenty-five years, we seek to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, walk with the Holy Spirit as He moves our hearts, loving others always as Jesus loves us, and carry the news of His glory, the wonderful gospel, that gives light and life where there once was only darkness.
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11 Responses to Really… Graffiti?

  1. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Mike, speaking hypothetically, I think I’m the best Graffiti Artist in the world…You have taken many hours to paint your fence white even painting it all again just in case the previous colour bleeds through, nothing but pure white will do, but then I come along and paint my amazing Graffiti all over your fence, how would you feel .. Wow Anne you did a great work of art it’s so impressive. I wonder how God feels when His Truth is disregarded for man’s own understanding and their Graffiti added …people get hurt when Truth is twisted, half presented, ignored, or deleted…. God is Love and so He gets hurt too as you would if someone hurt those you Love.

    Mike you are one of the most honest bloggers I know, meaning you don’t wear a mask even when your wrong, I have much respect for you as a man of God who seeks with all your heart to know God’s truth, your wife is very blessed as I’m sure you also feel you are blessed to have her as you life partner. Given the choice I would rather have your Graffiti then some of the most popular Graffiti artists or most well presented Blogs in the world if they ignore God’s Truth or delete it …. you search for it Mike and that is heart-warming to God because He delights in those who do.

    Christian Love Anne

  2. I will read your “graffiti with punctuations” any day Mike.

  3. Freedomborn says:

    I suppose Mike it depends what the graffiti is, some can be well done but some can be intrusive. As for blogging, if we present half Truths or error it can do damage and cause harm if we are faithful to share God’s Truth it can be very uplifting and glorifies Him.

    An example…. if we continue to accept sinful actions of Christians in our Churches we are being disobedient to God’s guideline, Jesus never said sin was ok but He did say Love the sinner, big difference.

    Christian Love Anne

  4. SPTP2011 says:

    Happy New Year
    There are some amazing graffiti artists out there (although I do not thing defacing property is right)
    There are amazing blog sites too
    Aahem! We are exhorters not grafiti bloggers
    God Bless

  5. Hank says:

    Actually, in one way, graffiti is a display of what the current culture, or parts thereof, is concerned, angry, or in love with. Not all encompassing at all, but can be somewhat revealing as well. In the same vein, blogging does the same thing: takes the present concerns of a culture/society and makes them known in such a way as to help others deal with them. Well, at least the more serious bloggers anyway. 🙂

  6. LOL I’ve always thought graffiti can be quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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