Old, No Longer Needed, and Obsolete Quotes

…or is it? Yikes! What would happen to your pastor if he made this quote from the pulpit? Can anyone say, “pastor search committee?”

“I am concerned for the poor but more for you. I know not what Christ will say to you in the great day. . . . I fear there are many hearing me who may know well that they are not Christians, because they do not love to give. To give largely and liberally, not grudging at all, requires a new heart; an old heart would rather part with its life-blood than its money. Oh my friends! Enjoy your money; make the most of it; give none away; enjoy it quickly for I can tell you, you will be beggars throughout eternity.”  Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Before writing him off as a lunatic, consider the words of Jesus. (Luke 18:22-24)

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Seeking the rest that is only promised and found in Christ Jesus, along with my treasured wife of more than twenty-five years, we seek to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, walk with the Holy Spirit as He moves our hearts, loving others always as Jesus loves us, and carry the news of His glory, the wonderful gospel, that gives light and life where there once was only darkness.
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10 Responses to Old, No Longer Needed, and Obsolete Quotes

  1. KingdomofGodservantv4 says:

    God is not concerned about money…He’s more concerned about how you deal with the needy….You should give tithes and offerings because that’s what God deserves, but all the money in the world could pay God for what He has done. If paying tithes and offerings is going to be a burden on your parents, or family then you should first take care of your family otherwise it will be Corban. God does not want you to give out of a wrong heart, and willingly. Some ministries take advantage of the people’s love of God, and out of their greed to sell products, they twist the motive behind the purpose of tithing. If God has a special place in your heart, you will naturally want to give, and it doesn’t have to be much, just all that you can, even though God deserves a whole lot more. Remember you cannot buy God, He bought you. Sometimes it’s not about giving your money at all, it’s about giving your time and your resources out of love and concern for the other person. I believe in Luke 18:22-24, says that the man was very rich, so I am assuming that his idol was money even though it does not say that. So in that context, He was referring to laying down whatever is your idol and then follow Him. But this can apply to a lot of television ministries today.

  2. I have read enough of Robert Murray M’Cheyne to know that he is ‘on the ball’ on basic, fundamental doctrines, so I wouldn’t write him off. Anyway, I agree with what he says, although I don’t think people would agree with his STYLE these days. I think there would be a great many offended people.

    We cannot say that all we have is as from the Lord, or that all we are and have belongs to Him, if we greedily hold on to things for ourselves.

  3. That’s quite a quote! Those Scottish guys don’t mince words, but sometimes words like these are exactly what we need to hear!

  4. writinggomer says:

    To give is to live. If you really believe that God gave you all you have, then giving back to His people should be no problem. Right?

  5. Watchman says:

    The word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword! There is mercy in his brutality. Everyone is called to the ministry of giving but very few (including myself) answer that call consistently and wholeheartedly. Luke 6:30

  6. granbee says:

    Sometimes, our minister here engages in this form of hyperbole to make a point from the selected Scriptures for that day! He really gets the folks on the back pews waked up with this preaching style! So I can thoroughly appreciate Mr. M’Cheyne’s style!

  7. Amazing how many quickly say “All that I have is from Him>” Then more quickly say “This is MINE, I EARNED it.”


    Shalom, Art

  8. jelillie says:

    Potent preaching!

  9. evanlaar1922 says:

    just ran into a Reformed Presbyterian today – they do not believe in giving – probably need a Psalm to back me up – but can’t find one 😦

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