Dividing the Estate (Don’t Do That!)


When Paul penned Romans, there was already evidence of the divisive nature of humanity rearing its ugly head from within the young church. At a time when persecution, peril, and suffering afflicted many, it seems there was still time to worry about dietary laws and restrictions.

Most chose to eat whatever meats were available to them with thankfulness, yet some, wanting to continue consuming only kosher meals, rejected these meats and became vegetarians. Please note all of these were professing believers in Jesus Christ, clinging to the grace of the cross for their deliverance from their sin.

Who was right? The answer Paul gives in chapter fourteen could almost be translated as, “Who cares?”

The natural response to this dilemma would be division. Had Paul not intervened through the power of the Holy Spirit, his next letter would have been addressed to two churches where once there was one. On…

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  1. granbee says:

    Greg, I know I have commented on this post over at CB, but I will just add I enjoyed the way you reminded us here of Paul writing to the Romans and exhorting them not to fuss so much! (basically!)

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