all they really need to see

 He slips into church and he puts up his guard;

They look so happy but his life’s been so hard…

He keeps his distance so they won’t… see… the… scars;

…God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

But does he know that Jesus also has scars,

and His love can reach him no matter how far.

Looking on with compassion, Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you… go and sin no more.”

Maybe today we’ll cross their paths unaware and they’ll stop and look at us… What will be there?

While we were still imprisoned by our sins, the Son of God came and joyfully endured the cross for our sake. We were all His enemies… there was nothing lovely found in any of us. 

For who He really is… is all they really need to see. 

Let them see our good works and then glorify our Father in Heaven. God is love! Even more than telling them… may we show them. 

Steven Curtis Chapman ~ For Who He rReally Is

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Seeking the rest that is only promised and found in Christ Jesus, along with my treasured wife of more than twenty-five years, we seek to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, walk with the Holy Spirit as He moves our hearts, loving others always as Jesus loves us, and carry the news of His glory, the wonderful gospel, that gives light and life where there once was only darkness.
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7 Responses to all they really need to see

  1. When we, the children of God, stop living our own lives and yield completely to the One who lives in us, all people who see us will see HIM and will desire Him.
    May we truly reflect Him and His love to all to meet.

  2. Susan Michaels says:

    awesome…this is powerful! I can remember standing in a church wondering how God could ever accept me…Lord, MORE of Your heart for those who don’t know You…pour it out in and through us. Thanks for the follow at LightWriters…and I am very encouraged by the depth of ministry and insight on this blog.

  3. KingdomofGodservantv4 says:

    We must have been receiving the same thing from the Spirit today!!!

  4. “…and His love can reach him no matter how far.”
    Beautiful truth!

  5. granbee says:

    M and T, this post put me so very much in mind of the partially handicapped Asian Indian manager of the local “roach motel”, which is where the town ministerial association pays for transients/temporarily homeless people to stay overnight! I deliberately walk past his office and greet him EVERY morning andEVERY evening as I walk about town to commute to work duties (I am free lance) and to perform errands and go to and from church activities and service club meetings and functions. Some people have though I was suddenly homeless or a “victim” of some type, simply because I am PRESENT in love, support and compassion for this man! This should tell you why I feel as though I am living on a mission field in NW Alabama–the land of the prim, proper, and prejudiced, but “NICE”!

  6. jelillie says:

    Thanks this was a good reminder to me and a grace rebuilder! We all need a restock on that precious commodity sometimes! 🙂

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