They’re Killing Themselves… and we want to be just like them


They say that Richard Cory owns one half of this whole town,
With political connections to spread his wealth around.
Born into society, a banker’s only child,
He had everything a man could want: power, grace, and style.

Turn on the television or the radio… fire up the internet, or simply drive the roadways cluttered with billboards, and you’ll be slapped in the face by a message from advertisers with, of course, your best interest in mind. “You can be slimmer, stronger, smarter, wealthier, and more attractive!”

The advertisers insist you can be just like them! You know them… the heroes of our generation, those who make it big at the theatres… the stars of the sports arenas… those with the most curves, charisma, and toys. Ahhh, just imagine… the good life!

The papers print his picture almost everywhere he goes:
Richard Cory at the opera, Richard Cory at a…

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  1. granbee says:

    Having commented on this wonderful post over at CB, I will just add that I always enjoyed the analogies of Richard Cory to today’s 1%ers.

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