Free From the Stronhold of Strife

Here, author Pola Muzyka offers an excellent checklist to consider to avoid strife in our personal relationships, especially with those who are of the household of the faith.


Free From The Stronghold of Strife
Written by Christian Author Pola Muzyka

The strife we’re talking about is not a video game. It is a game people play to keep a false sense of control over others.

It is a stronghold that can cause all types of physical ailments, wars, separation within the body of Christ, hate crimes, poverty, and many other serious ills.

These ills can begin with simple disagreement, misunderstandings, violent conflicts, or strife. Sickness, lack, and failure is just where the enemy would like us to be.

Forgiveness, an attempt to understand, agreeing to disagree, following the teaching of Jesus to love even an enemy and finding common ground can go a long way to uphold peace and strike down the stronghold of strife. Prayer for peace is a must in order to put an end to this stronghold.

Most of the world’s greatest leaders

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  1. granbee says:

    Having already commented on this post over at CB, I will just comment today that I really appreciated you picturing MLK,Jr. alonside Mother Teresa. I pray for world peace and an end to all wars, both of military and economic natures.

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