Lynched by Mistake

Russell has a tendency to present us with some good stuff… he doesn’t fail to deliver here! Great piece of work!

The Disciple's Road

There’s a Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown is lying in bed talking to Snoopy, who’s lying atop the covers at Charlie’s feet. Charlie says, “Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, ‘Is life a multiple choice test or is it a true or false test?'” Next, in the closing panel, Charlie says, “Then a voice comes to me out of the dark and says, ‘We hate to tell you this, but life is a thousand word essay.'”

It should make sense that the older you get the easier life gets. What I mean is, you’ve got your dumb mistakes behind you. You have the advantage of experience. You are wiser, more seasoned. But the problem is that whatever help comes from being experienced and wiser gets counteracted by the fact that life’s issues become more complex. When I lie awake at night, I think back to the days…

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  1. granbee says:

    These are the words that I take away from this wonderful reblogged post (thank you!):
    “. I don’t always agree with the direction in which He leads me, but I do try to obey Him. Admittedly, that takes more faith in regards to some decisions than others, but I’ve learned that whenever I obey Him a great weight of responsibility is taken off my shoulders. How the decision turns out is no longer my department because I’m working out His plan, not mine”

  2. Thanks for the heads up – a telling post.

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