A Little Misunderstanding (starring Hosanna)

(When I grow up, I want to be just like Hosanna! This is spectacular! Don’t forget to visit the Boyd gang at All Senegal for Christ)

I am never really surprised by anything that Hosanna says because I have come to expect the unexpected. It is just how Hosanna operates. But even I was not ready for what she said the other day…

We were both laying on the bed and just talking and joking with one another; telling stories and really just enjoying our time together. And in the midst of our great time I said, “Hosanna, when we get to Senegal you are going to be the prettiest white girl in the whole village.” I meant what I said with all of my heart and expected my words to be met with Hosanna’s characteristic grin. But that’s not what happened. Not even close.

Instead, with a look of great surprise, she said, “When we get to Africa I am not going to be white. I am going to be black.” And then I was the one with the look of great surprise. I started to laugh and I said, “Hosanna, you are not going to be black in Africa. You will always be a white girl.”

But she did not find this nearly as humorous as I did. She then began to cry and adamantly said, “I am going to be black in Africa!” Ezra, who upon hearing the conversation had walked into the room, looked at me and said, “What are you going to do with this one, Dad?” Frankly, I was not quite sure! It never occurred to Gayle or I that Hosanna would ever think that she was going to become black once we got to Africa. But Hosanna was absolutely convinced that upon our arrival her skin was going to transform and turn black and she would look just like the other children there in the village.

After some time (picture big tears and a four-year-old saying, “But I want to be black!”) we were able to sufficiently console and instruct the heartbroken Hosanna. She accepted the fact that God had made her as a girl with light skin and He had a divine purpose in that. We encouraged her that while her skin would always be white, we were thankful that God had given her a heart for a people who were a little bit different than her. Together we thanked Him that even though He was not going to change our skin, He has and will continue to change our hearts and lives as He unites them with a people who need the Gospel. And all the while, in my own heart, I thanked God for a “color-blind” daughter and for the hope of the Gospel for all men. “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.” Now that is Good News!

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  1. Reminds me of our first trip back to England many years ago. My cousins and their children eagerly awaited our arrival, but when the youngest girl saw us she burst into tears. She had expected an Aborigine standing on one leg, holding a spear – just like in the pictures she had seen of Australia!

  2. Brad Stanton says:

    Well, the lady that got arrested for putting her 6 year old in a tanning booth looks like she turned herself black. lol. I just heard a sermon from the president of compasion Intl, he prayed to be black like his African friends too.

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