Capturing an Audience 101

Marketing, advertisers, public speakers, websites (!)…all want to get your attention.  There is an entire industry based on getting your attention. Yet in our attention deficit culture it is increasingly more difficult to get ears to listen up and give attention to anything, let alone capture anyone’s attention. The struggle for attention challenged ears is also the challenge of attention deficit souls.  What does it take to capture the attention of our souls?

Moses spent forty years tending flocks, working, and learning wilderness ways.  He was in the middle of an ordinary work day when the Lord got his attention with a fiery phenomenon of something consumed but not consumed. That will get your attention!  Shepherd Moses goes to check it out…inquisitively?…incredulously?…maybe just as a curiosity?  While he is approaching, his name is called out in recognition by Someone and he responds, giving Someone the consideration of attention.  In all of that his attention is still on the phenomena.   What is it that captures, rather than gets, his attention?  When the speaker identifies Himself as “I Am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob”, we see a great change in Moses’ contemplation. His attention is seized! Moses finally responds not to the marvel but to the Lord, and the response is one of humility, reverence and awe.  He was captured.

The ordinary became interesting when there was an attention-getter-unique-sign, but interesting becomes extraordinary-attention-grabber-that captures-the-soul when God is identified in it.

I wonder…in whatever area or type of work I am in…am I trying to attain the consideration of others with interesting attention getters or will I spotlight the Word and facilitate that Word capturing souls?  Getting attention or capturing attention?

Blessings To You Who Meander After Moses With Me,


Part 5 from the series “Meandering With Moses”

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Christina C. is a woman energized by encouraging others. She never wants to forget that she is a ragamuffin...a broken earthen vessel, heavy laden, bedraggled, and weary until grace changed her life. She now holds a treasure in a cracked earthen vessel. Anything bright or beautiful is the treasure shining through the cracks.
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10 Responses to Capturing an Audience 101

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  4. mtsweat says:

    The natural tendency of the flesh will always be to draw attention to self. I loathe the fact that I catch myself doing that with no effort whatsoever (I should be grateful when it’s revealed, at least it can be dealt with). Our desire should be to draw all attention to Jesus and His Gospel… which can’t be done naturally at all. Hence, God shows up.

    If our ministry will be profitable for the Kingdom, it will be because “the Word has been spotlighted.” Jesus must increase… and us? What a marvelous and meaningful message here, good friend.

    • ccragamuffin says:

      “A marvelous and meaningful message”…yes, it is the message and not the mess of a messenger!! One danger of our personality driven culture is that it is so easy to focus our attention on the messenger. And on the flip side, messengers have to purpose to lift up The Message so that all will be drawn unto Him. Both sides…those who hear, and those who proclaim…are too easily caught up in the danger of misplaced attention. Thank you for the reminder to continue to crucify the flesh.

  5. Susan Michaels says:

    Like this! And keeping in mind…it’s never about ‘us’, but God always works through people. As His vessels of grace, He uses our unique gifts, and leads by His Spirit in ways not always obvious, but always wondrous. PTL!

  6. rodi says:

    “am I trying to attain the consideration of others with interesting attention getters or will I spotlight the Word and facilitate that Word capturing souls? Getting attention or capturing attention?”

    A very apropos question in light of all the social media of our day. Great series, thanks for posting!

    • ccragamuffin says:

      Thank you for commenting! It is a question I must ask myself often, I need to guard against getting attention on me vs. capturing attention for eternal things. The Word correctly shared will shine light on Itself, not on me!

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