It’s Hard to See Past What I See

What in the world is going on?

Water becomes contaminated and unusable…what in the world is going on?

Hoards of frogs that teem throughout the house, on the bed, in the oven, inside the pantry…what in the world is going on?

Gnats as plentiful as the dust of the ground…what in the world is going on?

Swarms of flies that fill houses and cover the ground…what in the world is going on?

Herds of horses, donkeys, sheep, cattle, goats all succumb to a deadly plague…what in the world is going on?

Boils.  Hail. Locusts. Darkness. Death.

What in the world is going on?

It boggles my mind and senses to think of catastrophe after catastrophe rocking through a nation.  When I consider only the plagues and the many people involved in the Exodus account, my heart is troubled and I cry out, “What in the world is going on?”

That question reveals my problem.  Do you see it?  What direction am I looking?  I am looking only at the world.  Something bigger, wider, deeper and more eternal is going on.

Again, and again, the Lord said that He was doing a work.  He was setting captives free. Still, the judgments that are brought cause many minds to recoil.  Then, in the midst of the afflictions, I read in Ex 9:16 where the Lord reveals that Egypt has been “spared” for this very purpose.

Spared?  Would judgment have come earlier to Egypt but for the protection of the Lord?  Amazing.  An eternal eye would see the Lord working through a wicked nation, to feed, to grow, to protect and to prepare His people…even holding off the chastisement that an evil nation deserves, in order to bring them to this moment.  This polytheistic, wicked nation was already under judgment…they were spared until the season of plagues…by… God’s mercy.   Not, what in the world is going on? Rather, what in God’s great work is going on!

My trip to grow in faith, with all its meanderings, can’t keep looking with the eyes at just the visible.  My physical senses are not the only means of information gathering. Spiritual information must be spiritually gathered.  To meander well in a faith journey in this world, my eyes must find their focal point on something outside of the world.  If I live only within the border of the seen, I am not giving faith much of a place to grow.  Where is your faith growing at?

Blessings To You Who Meander After Moses With Me,


(Part of a study titled, “Meandering with Moses.” Previous posts found below)

About ccragamuffin

Christina C. is a woman energized by encouraging others. She never wants to forget that she is a ragamuffin...a broken earthen vessel, heavy laden, bedraggled, and weary until grace changed her life. She now holds a treasure in a cracked earthen vessel. Anything bright or beautiful is the treasure shining through the cracks.
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13 Responses to It’s Hard to See Past What I See

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  6. This blog – is becoming one of my favorite reading spots. It always encourages me to examine my own spiritual walk, and to look at a things with spiritual eyes. And it points out things I may have or have not seen before. It deserves another award for an Excellent Blog award!!!!

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  8. Wayne Augden says:

    Lest we forget God is in the business of preparing us every day and always.

  9. SPTP2011 says:

    Amen – God’s Great Work!
    Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine
    God Bless

  10. mtsweat says:

    What a reminder of a message… God is ever at work. We have the strange tendency to box everything we believe is meaningful and define our God by what’s visible. He instead, knowing the end from the beginning, works all things according to His will. If, as you say, we’re only willing to see the trees and not the forest, everything can be really confusing. …such as “what’s going on in a nation much closer to us than Egypt?” An excellent word here, good friend. Blessings.

    • ccragamuffin says:

      “To box everything…by what’s visible”…Amen, this is a great struggle, to extend the boundaries of our vision. To have “God Eyes”. Eugene Peterson gives a wonderful analogy…”For Christian faith cannot be comprehended by examining an Instamatic flash picture which has caught a pose of beauty or absurdity, ecstasy or terror; it is a full revelation of a vast creation and a grandly consummated redemption.” You add much to my scribblings with your insight. Blessings.

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