Will Someone Please Hide the Brown Paper Bag?

Recently, Oklahoma State Representative Rebecca Hamilton has been bringing down the house on… well, everyone. The post found here is no exception. Liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, pastor or priest… she’s pulling no punches folks.

Here’s an excerpt…

[Quote:] “We are not like sheep without a shepherd. We are sheep without a shepherd. We’ve got lots of preachers. We’ve got them on television, making millions and preaching a heretical political gospel of greed. We’ve got feel-good preachers, giving us a Hallmark card Jesus made of cotton candy and sticky glue. We’ve got others reviling, slandering and attacking those on the other side of whatever political spectrum the preacher in question supports. We’ve got them hanging out in their rectories, living cozy lives and getting by without ruffling feathers.

Pick your flavor. There’s a preacher out there who will give you a phony jesus to match.

Today’s church has reduced Calvary to an Easter egg hunt and a pretty pageant. It has sanitized the scandal of our God Who was subjected to the most shameful disregard society could mete out; Who was left weak and piteous, Who appeared helpless; a criminal.

The cross was shameful then and it’s shameful now. Jesus was not only wrongly convicted, he was beaten nearly to death; tortured, mocked, reviled and when He hung on the cross in agony, His tormenters stood at its foot and made fun of Him, mocked Him the more.

The cross is shameful, embarrassing, hard. Christ and Him crucified is the whole message of the Bible. If you don’t preach that, you are not preaching at all.” [End Quote]

The entire article can be read here.

I would like to add something here, but I’m sort of speechless at the moment. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

If you’re wondering about the title, follow this link. Donkeys and Elephants in a Brown Paper Bag

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3 Responses to Will Someone Please Hide the Brown Paper Bag?

  1. Sadly, she tells it like it is. Sadly not because she tells it, but because it is true.

  2. isaiah43123 says:

    At one time, the church’s stance on social and political issues was clear; that is no longer the case. Being tolerant became the gauge for the church’s response, no, it’s lack of response, as we pushed aside being strong and courageous in sharing His truths, all for the sake of being politically correct thereby denying Christ.
    Keep the Faith!

  3. Wayne Augden says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

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