Interpreting the Law by James R. Dennis

Over at Domini Canes this morning, I was embraced by a piece from the author that for me puts a lot of stuff into its proper perspective. Here’s a sampling… and the entire article can be found here. A spectacular piece… you’ll be blessed.

Brother James writes, “In Jesus’ day (just as in ours), some argued that the scriptures should be read as an exclusionary document.  Thus, many (lepers, those with physical infirmities, women, and outsiders) were excluded from the Temple.  Jesus asked the Pharisees, “What have you done to help them inside?” Through acts of love and mercy, Jesus brought many back within the circle of faith.  The Pharisees used the scriptures as a club to beat people away from the gates of the church.  Jesus, interpreting the scriptures through the template of love, showed us how to welcome God’s children back home.”

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