It’s Just Another Manic Monday

“Hey! You woodchucks! Stop chucking my wood!”

Alright, so they’re not woodchucks. They are rabbits orphaned and left to the elements of the ranch… until TC found them. Now they’re of course members of our household. It doesn’t stop there though. Thanks to our wonderful friends over at the Hall residence, we have two of these also.

Okay, enough of that. On to much bigger-er and better-er things. Such as: Go Dawgs! Another click in the win column. …and the Cards are still in the hunt for October. Let’s not speak of our Jaguars though.

While hanging out with Hosea and Gomer this week, it was discovered that one can indeed shock the unshakable. How? As our Pastor breaks down Hosea’s fourth chapter of his prophecy, it becomes very clear in the last half of the chapter that one of the intended audiences of admonition are the women of Israel.

Care to know what these fine ladies are up to? Would you entertain “getting drunk and involving themselves in immorally deviant and promiscuous lifestyles?” It seems this was a problem during Bible times that humanity has managed to rid itself of today. (whew… that’s a relief to know… what’s that you say? am I pulling your leg?)

Want to know what God has to say about them and what He intends to do? Here, I’d do better to just let the Bible speak for itself…

“I will not punish your daughters when they play the whore, nor your brides when they commit adultery.” Hosea 4:14

Seriously, Lord? These loose ladies live lifestyles of debauchery and Your message is “I will not punish them?”

I’m afraid I’ve duped you. Did anyone pick up your Bible and check the verse I quoted? If you did, you know exactly why God could say these words… it’s because the verse isn’t finished. It concludes…

“…for the men themselves go aside with prostitutes and sacrifice with cult prostitutes, and a people without understanding will come to ruin.”

What do you know about that? There was a double standard. You know, “boys will be boys.” But women (awww, c’mon… we’re not that far removed… puppy dogs, earthworms, sugar and spice)? No, when men refuse to be the men they are called to be, eventually a culture’s women find themselves acting just like them.

It’s not that the women of Hosea’s day weren’t going to suffer equally with the men. They did. They went into captivity right along with the men of Israel. The text is simply demonstrating the downward spiraling effect of sin and men’s responsibility to be the priests in their homes.

What word of advice does Hosea give? You’re going to love this. For those who  seek to remain true to their Lord who has redeemed them from their sin, the instruction is crystal clear. To Judah (not quite as bad… yet), Israel’s southern sister, God warned, “Leave them alone (17).”

That’s deep stuff friends. I may struggle with this one for days. It almost sounds like, “Hey the fire is hot; don’t play with it,” and “if your friends jump off of cliffs, will you do it also?”

Speaking of hot, Olive Twist has been offering a great series of posts on some very meaningful Divine Doorkeepers out of the past. Spurgeon, Finney, and Edwards are just a few covered so far. Take a look here.

Finally, since Sunday’s gone with the wind, The Master’s Table offers a moving and telling clip titled “We Are the Body” by Eric Ludy that I pray every believer takes the time to watch. You can find it here.

So if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll see you next Monday.

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Seeking the rest that is only promised and found in Christ Jesus, along with my treasured wife of more than twenty-five years, we seek to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, walk with the Holy Spirit as He moves our hearts, loving others always as Jesus loves us, and carry the news of His glory, the wonderful gospel, that gives light and life where there once was only darkness.
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5 Responses to It’s Just Another Manic Monday

  1. jelillie says:

    Loved this thank you so much! And thanks for the references to the other blogs. I follow the Master’s Table but Olive Twist is new to me!

  2. writinggomer says:

    Great post Mike, I tried to “like” this but my phone had other ideas. It’s Monday right? 🙂

  3. Lyn Leahz says:

    Oh, never mind..I just went to the Eric Ludy clip..I have that one. It’s called Depraved Indifference. Awesome video! Brings tears to my eyes because it is so moving! Still, thanks for posting it. And I hope it doesn’t bother you that i put this video here on your site. I thought it was only going to show the link since I typed text as well there. I do apologize. God bless yoU!

  4. Lyn Leahz says:

    I love Eric Ludy! Have the two of you seen this one, it’s powerful too! Thank you for providing the link because I haven’t seen that one yet. Did it just come out recently? God bless you! Love everything you put out here!

  5. Glad they have a home… thank you TC!

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