A Dinger of a Harbinger

‘Shadows of the Twins’ by Carley Evans

In my quest to read everything ever written (I’m close… just kidding), I will sometimes take on a read merely because it seems to be making major waves over at Amazon. Such was the case with Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger.”

This isn’t a review and I’ll withhold my take on works such as this one, but I will share my fascination with the historical information collected from spending the time it took to make my way through this book. Like the fact that New York was the first capital of our nation (no… I never caught that). Here’s another…

On September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers were destroyed, St. Paul’s Church was spared even a broken window as a sycamore tree took the blunt of debris that could have devastatingly damaged the house of worship. This is interesting in itself, but the story goes on to include the significance of this church building, in that it is the place where George Washington would worship after his inauguration as the first President of the United States of America.

Check it out for yourself… best I can tell, it’s all true. “The Harbinger” however, I’ll leave up to you to decide. If you have read the book, I’d love to hear your take on it. Are some things just too bizarre to be coincidence? (should that word even be a part of a Christian’s vocabulary?)

The photo above was taken by Carley Evans. It accompanies her post titled, “Shadows of the Twins” and can be found here. Along with the gift of photography, Carley is the author of ‘Metal Man Walking,’ which access to can be found on her site also.

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4 Responses to A Dinger of a Harbinger

  1. isaiah43123 says:

    Ah, you are the first blogger I read who is covering this topic. I’m reading the book now, taking my time even though it is very captivating, no, mind-blowing. The author makes a statement before the first chapter stating in effect, the book may read like fiction but the events are real. That being the case, God’s judgment on the U.S. has not occurred, yet. However, if national policy continues in the current direction towards (or should I say, against) Israel, then watch out!

    You raise an interesting question about coincidence; should it be part of a believer’s vocabulary. Not if we hold the Bible as absolute truth, including Ecclesiastes 3:1.

    Keep the Faith!

  2. I haven’t seen that book but the points you quote are interesting. A lot of amazing “coincidences” are happening – and no, that word should NOT be in the vocabulary of a blood-bought, adopted child of the living God.

    We are one day closer!

  3. jaxchaplain says:

    Like many books today that make a case for God’s judgement against America, The Harbinger completely ignores the fact that God cut covenant with Israel and has never done that with any other nation (including the United States). Cahn’s comparison of the U.S. with Israel is completely unfounded. I am aware that Americans have always considered themselves uniquely favored by God. But, Scripture would seem to refute that notion (Romans 2:11-13).

  4. I’m always skeptical when books like this come down the pike because they strike me as sensationalism. But although I only know of parts of this book because of time spent in discussion, I would say that so far I lean towards it being true.

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