Annie Dreaming by Carley Evans

By mid-year of 2011, I had become an avid fan of the convincingly positive and inspirational works of Carley Eason Evans. It is a rare trait that is found in her words; ceaseless care, compassion, and concern. The evidence of a life influenced by Christ flows through the ink of her pen… or keyboard.

I recall suggesting she consider carrying her work to another level, perhaps the publishing of a book. Straightforwardly, she assured me my coaxing wasn’t necessary. It was already in the works.

I personally felt Carley could provide us with a unique devotional to complement works like Chambers’ and Carson‘s. She traveled a very different road. Thankfully she went with her heart and not mine. While I still believe she can one day offer such a work, her gift to her readers today is fictional reality. It is very sufficient.

Her available titles are “Metal Man Walking” and “Annie Dreaming.” They are both a prequel and sequel, and at the same time, parallel combination as the story-lines intertwine and cause the reader to reevaluate how we value and devalue the lives of others based on lifestyles and societal standards.

As she wrote “Metal Man Walking,” I along with others were able to follow it as it was being written. She made it available real-time to her followers at Grace Partakers and Obsecrations.

Annie DreamingFor “Annie Dreaming,” we had to wait. No longer though; it’s here. As I made my way through its pages, I must admit a guilt trip that I couldn’t avoid. I recall a time when I believed that most people living lives of despair were there of their own doing. Carley’s works provide ample evidence that my evaluation was incorrect.

Her work carries us through the generational influence of grandparents, parents, and siblings. The reader soon identifies with the author’s characters in both works, even finding it impossible not to become personified and absorbed personally into the Logan family.

“Annie Dreaming” flows with impacting story lines, such as that of Charlie and Annie’s older brother, Rick. The seemingly one strong hold in their lives is taken by the Viet Nam war. It is painful to read of his time while captured and of how his younger brother is influenced by his absence.

The callousness and abuse endured by a number of family members sets the stage for lifestyles we may frown upon, but the author leaves the reader rethinking a lifetime of presuppositions.

While I was surprised… I really shouldn’t have been by the ending of Carley’s second work. I should have known she was holding something back, something that would label this work masterful. It is every bit that and then some. But I will refrain from sharing more, as you need to experience her novel(s) for yourself.

“Annie Dreaming” is a fantastic piece of work that adds much to an already excellent write in “Metal Man Walking” (they are each stand alone though, by the way). For the sake of getting a grip on the reality of life today for many who live all around us, I highly recommend both of Carley’s works. You can read more about them and find out how to order them here.

Also, our good friend Jeff has given a great review of this write and it can be found here.

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  1. lambskinny says:

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    Once again, sharing M.T. Sweat’s wonderful words about me as a writer and about ANNIE DREAMING. Thanks M.T.

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  3. lambskinny says:

    Thank you Michael for this wonderful review; tears flow from my eyes as I write my gratitude to you. I am so glad you loved ANNIE DREAMING. Again, you are so kind to provide such grand feedback. I do hope more people will read both METAL MAN WALKING and ANNIE DREAMING which – for me and a growing number – form an extraordinary story of courage and love, pain and healing. THANKS AGAIN, dear brother and friend. Carley

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