The Butterfly Effect

A brilliant discussion from our friend at ChristianBlessings who is ever 4hispraise.


butterfly 001Today I received an interesting post from one of my Christian artist friends that talked about cause and effect; described as the “butterfly effect” This centers upon the “scientific” studies of Edward Lorenz who proposed not too long ago that; “Where as small change at one place in a determinate system can result in large differences in a later state.” He proposed that the flapping of a butterflies wings could produce a huricane at another place at some distant time”. Or maybe more understandably, that a ball placed upon the crest of a hill may run into several valleys, depending, among other things, slight differences in initial position. The same idea has been proposed a few days ago that every eleven years there are gigantic “sun spikes” of temendous heat-energy that are introduced into our  immediate atmosphere that may have the power to set our whole  global communication system on its’…

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