Changing our Science but Never the Word

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Webster defines science as the “possession of knowledge.” We seek to know and the knowledge we find is our science. In reality, the terms science and knowledge are practically synonymous.

What is an unchangeable truth about science? Is it not that it is ever-changing? Surely we know that scientists haven’t always believed what they believe today?

For example, we have a greater understanding of our earth today. We know it’s round and not flat. We know that it and the rest of our solar system’s planets rotate around the sun. We know that Atlas isn’t holding our earth on his shoulders.

The Hindus of long ago didn’t believe in Atlas either. Rather, they taught that the earth rested on the backs of elephants. This was perfectly logical science until one day someone questioned, “What are the elephants standing on?” They were told, “On the back of a huge…

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