Sunday Afternoon in Diouloulou

Ever wonder how they spend their Sunday afternoons in Diouloulou? Now you can know and without the cost of airfare! Join Matt Boyd as he walks us through to evening in Senegal, Africa.


P1130413It is about 4:00 in the afternoon so we realize that we need to eat with purpose so that we can get the dishes cleaned up before we leave. Our church is over a mile away and we know that it will take some time to walk to the other side of the village because we will likely stop and talk to at least half-a-dozen people along our route.

We pack our day-pack with our French Bibles, everyone’s water bottle except Hosanna’s, as she prefers to hold hers, a small flashlight, some tissues, and Ezra’s box with sugar and tea leaves, just in case he gets to make African tea later tonight. I think about making some powdered milk before we go because I know that there are some leftover cookies that Gayle made yesterday, but there is not enough time.

We leave our “neighborhood” of Tranquille bound for Carrefour

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