What on Earth is Up with the Media?

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In the News (Photo credit: RambergMediaImages)

I hear a lot of discussion around and about that some of the local and national news medias are feeding listeners and readers false information on a regular basis.

For one, a local affiliate reported the Texas stabbing incident as gun related. It seems I recall  they badly botched the Treyvon Martin case too.

Then I open Yahoo today to find out the New York Post and the Daily News are doctoring photos from the Boston Marathon bombing. But then it must be asked, “Is Yahoo being honest in their report?”

Are our news sources unable to hire competent investigative reporters, or are they making this stuff up for the sole purpose of beating out the competition for ratings, or is there an even worse agenda behind all of this? Just give us the truth people! Else, go get a job at the National Enquirer or some other gossip mag.

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9 Responses to What on Earth is Up with the Media?

  1. Headlines are the worst. I don’t buy magazines, but waiting at the checkouts I see headlines on the cover which are definitely false and the story inside denies the headline. The same with TV news – the headlines in the ‘coming up’ are grossly exagerrated.

    Here in Australia we have a TV program “Media Watch” which each week details all the wrong information from TV and newspapers. It is a popular show, but it doesn’t stop the problem.

    The truth is that exagerrated headlines and inferred hot scandals SELL. Money speaks.

  2. billhogan77 says:

    I’m with you! Since news went 24/7 the emphasis has been on speed: who can break the story first. The problem is accuracy has taken a back seat to speed. What would happen if we started praising news sources for their accuracy, instead of their speed? (And how would we do that?)
    More questions than answers 🙂
    In the meantime… be blessed!

  3. Perhaps there should be a News Channel were no reporters or journalists are employed. Everyone can only submit videos about whatever they did that they think is Newsworthy (there is always someone that cares), and they can only talk about something they are directly involved in. Let’s all hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. No Middlemen. TV cannot truly do justice to News reporting, only the internet can with no restrictions or policital manipulation.

  4. πίστις says:

    I was and have been thinking the same thing. So many news stories are full of errors. It used to be that you had to be able to prove it, now it seems that all you need to do is ask some questions and post the answers or hide what you don’t want anyone to know!

    God bless Mike

  5. You don’t know who you can believe and trust anymore! I want the news given to me straight, and I will decide how to interpret the facts! Those days are gone I’m afraid. Time to find an underground source that can be trusted?

  6. hankcr says:

    The media covers up things quite often, ether intentionally or just from neglecting to report it. Many times it has to do with political correctness. When disease stats show that homosexuals are on average disease ridden they “fib” just a bit to make them seem normal. When crime stats show that certain races are overwhelmingly more prone to violence than others they cover up/ignore it so that their egalitarian utopia keeps its halo. Its all in the vein of making the liberal’s idea of society seem successful. The average joe blow can look around him and see the destruction, pick up a newspaper or blog or news on tv and ask himself, “What are they talking about?”.

  7. Judy says:

    Funny, I was just thinking of this very thing as I read reports of an arrest in Boston…oops, never mind. Yesterday i read reports of unexploded bombs…opps, not really. Apparently media outlets no longer bother with fact checking. In other news, the trial of an abortion doctor in PA accused of egregious negligence and outright murder has been largely ignored untill recently. Now there’s all kinds of discussion over why such a sensational story had been so under-reported. It is clear to me that the media simply cannot be trusted.

    • mtsweat says:

      This is really frustrating Judy, to me and I’m sure a whole lot of others. When the outlets that are employed to make us aware no longer share truth, but start filling our minds with sensational lies, the division we already have becomes exagerated even more. Someone should set them down and read a forgotten lesson from the little boy who cried wolf. Thanks friend.

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