The Keyword is Key to Blog Traffic

English: This image shows you various ways of ...

English: This image shows you various ways of searching search engines for keywords of your choice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that every article you write should have a target keyword? If not, then step into this pea-pod with me… I didn’t either.

Successful bloggers have mastered the ability to identify words and concepts that are of great significance in the world of search engines.

According to Steve Scott, author of My Blog Traffic Sucks, this is an effective means of optimizing your chances of search engines noticing your work and making it available to those trying to find information on your topic of writing.

The question someone might ask is, “How do I know what an effective keyword might be for my post?” In other words, when someone is searching for information on the topic I am writing about, what words do they most often type into the Google search box?

As I’m sure the other search engines do likewise, Google offers you the inside scoop on these traffic sending terms at the site:

Once you’ve determined a keyword to use in your post, you then need to strategically place it in some of the elements of your work before publishing. Mr. Scott recommends these areas:

  1. Title
  2. URL (Slug)
  3. Opening paragraph
  4. Closing paragraph
  5. Different sub-headlines
  6. Body of the article
  7. Main image

He warns though, “Just don’t overdo it. Include it in a few key locations and your article will be optimized for the search engines.”

We’re curious if any of you are already practicing placing a keyword in your blog posts? If so, has it produced added traffic?

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8 Responses to The Keyword is Key to Blog Traffic

  1. What I have noticed and am surprised by is the amount of times I get a hit on the birthday message I wrote to my son a couple years ago. It shows what words were put in for the search and how many times they have been used. I guess I knew that in order to have more traffic, you had to use the right words that would come up in a search, but always wondered how you were supposed to know what people were going to be ‘googling’. 😉 I did not know there was a place to go to find those words.

  2. billhogan77 says:

    Another great piece of advice MT! Where are you learning the most about blogging? Do you have other books you recommend? Websites or blogs you follow? Seems like you’re gleaning a gold-mine. Thanks for sharing the gold! 🙂

  3. Judy says:

    Very helpful – thanks!

  4. Jeff says:

    So, if I put “Kardashian” in the title of each blog entry, I’ll get more traffic, right? 😀

    • mtsweat says:

      🙂 In seriousness, from what I gather (and experienced first hand), it really will increase traffic (temporarily). Around the grace ranch we have a fondness for the older rock-n-roll music and often acknowledge it. Most of the busiest days I’ve experienced (visits, not comments) came when I titled a blog with the words from an old rock song, but… it seems the search engines catch on to that kind of behavior and punish you. Hence, traffic falls off. What’s bad is that I thought I really was using the titles appropriately, but live and learn. No, the successful in this business instruct that your keyword really does need to align with your message. I’ve just started trying this, but I’m early in the process, we’ll see… Thanks Jeff, many blessings good friend.

  5. Thanks for the advice!

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