IRS and Corruption

Interesting thoughts by NEO this morning…


So we are all shocked that the IRS targeted conservative/Tea Party groups to slow down their tax exempt status, huh? Why on earth would you be surprised? FDR did it, Kennedy did it, Johnson and Nixon did it, probably the rest did as well. The only difference is that they perhaps were a bit more discreet.

You cannot have a tax system that runs 70, 000 + pages without playing favorites. That’s why you have a tax code of 70,000+ pages. First Congress sells special breaks and then the executive sells special breaks for whatever reason.

Oh, you thought the IRS was this objective group in an ivory tower that read objective books and never showed favoritism? Good luck with that. OK, I will say that they have been very obvious the last few years, like nobody could challenge them any more. Seems to be a lot of hubris going around…

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