Conspiracy Theory; the government’s got your back… back yard that is

pastor salmanIn our most recent post, referencing the Arizona Pastor arrested for breaking over-occupancy laws in His state, we alluded to the ever-growing problem of our government’s intervention into our private lives. Thanks to the media’s turning a recent trial into a racial war, and the joyous news of royal babes, we have all but forgotten that inquiring eyes are delving into our personal data via cell phones and the such.

I use to be a gullible soul, not willing to succumb to the conspiracy theories running amuck the trepid. Now I wonder…

I wonder if it was urban legend that created the laughable story of some poor lad tearing his dog’s house down because his dad failed to attain the proper permits? I wonder if there’s no truth to the fines incurred by the vintage Chevy owner for changing his oil in his driveway? I wonder… at a million ridiculous restrictions placed on the inhabitants of the land of the free.

At the root of all these restrictions placed on the citizenry of America was probably some good intended effort to thwart a nuisance, but the end effect always opens the door for biased implementation by the reigning powers that be.

The case of our jailed pastor is evidence of this. As was said in the previous article, someone probably saw an issue with allowing more people into a room than could safely get out should a fire start in the building. This sounds logical. It even sounds like the right thing to do considering recent fires in night clubs and restaurants.

The problem is that it opens the door for using laws like this to dictate legalized persecution when the local authorities deem it profitable.

If you think I’m the one surrendering to conspiracy theories here, then consider what followed Pastor Salman’s arrest. In a day when we’re told jail and prison cells are overcrowded, they made room for him; for sixty days. Sixty days in jail for holding a Bible study in your home, and oh yeah, a twelve thousand dollar fine to boot.

Conspiracy theory or no, I believe I’m on board with Pastor Rob, “As Christians, we need to be preparing ourselves for more of the same.”

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