Pray for Badioncoto



Contributed by Matt Boyd, All Senegal for Christ

The village of Badioncoto sits next to Diouloulou, a few kilometers away. It is a village on the “interior,” simply meaning that it is not along the road, but is rather in the bush. To get there from our home you have to take a trail through the bush, that then takes you to a rice field, that leads you through an inlet from the river, that leads to another rice field, that then leads to the bush again, and finally to the village of Badioncoto. This time of year the walk seems hot and long, but truly beautiful as everything is green from the recent rains.

Badioncoto is a small village, mainly made up of large Diola families, that has a small elementary school and a “boutique” which is a one room shop where you can buy the very basic necessities of life. There is no…

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