Lackey Lacks Nothing; Wacha Walloped

David Ortiz

David Ortiz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopefully there weren’t any flight problems for the Redbirds as they headed home from a pretty solid defeat at the hands of the Red Sox last night.

Sent to another room in the house so as not to disturb my wife with my groaning and moaning, I endured watching my Cards be dismantled by a fired-up bunch of Boston batters. Something told me it was over when the cameras caught Molina in a conversation with the umpire expressing his amazement with that guy whose name begins with an “O.” Can anyone say Big Papi?

It was the pitching that stood out in this Series by both sides, but in the end, the young Wacha would finally show his youth and come unraveled as Victorino and company began an inning long thrashing of the rookie’s fastballs. For Lackey, he simply shut the Card’s bats down.

Oh the what-ifs? They would all be mute points. These Boston sluggers had their eyes on a championship, so they went out and made it a reality.

Back in my hometown, things can finally get back to some normality… well, at least until the first pitch of 2014. Matheny and his cast are young… we’ll see you again Mr. Ortiz. And oh yeah… many congratulations to our good friend Jeff.

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4 Responses to Lackey Lacks Nothing; Wacha Walloped

  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Thanks for being gracious. The two best teams in baseball put on a great show. The Red Sox typified the people of God in a sense, in that teamwork, a love for one another, great chemistry, and a never say die attitude will elevate a group to perform better than maybe they should. I’ve been a baseball fan since the sixties and cannot remember a team have so many up against the wall moments (or maybe a Green monster?) and come up big in the nick of time.

    The Cards have nothing to be ashamed of. These two teams are also the two classiest acts in baseball in my opinion. Both will be back strong next year.

    STL: Serve The Lord.

  2. Sorry to say this but I wanted it to be my Tigers and when that didn’t happen I turned off baseball and will wait for 2014’s first pitch. Blessings to you and your’s! Marie

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