Are Venus and Mars Alright Tonight?

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Have you ever considered the possibility that when Christians disagree, an opportunity presents itself for a changed heart and mind? If you’re like me, as I feel many are, my first instinctive mode is defensive when someone challenges my imparted doctrine.

Take for thought that of the role of women in the church. I realize that everyone reading this isn’t from the old school, set in patristic ways, but I think the discussion takes place even still in the most forwarded and liberal locales no matter how women’s ministries have evolved for their inclusion. An honest observation is that we Christian men are probably capable of wielding a chauvinistic mindset even in our steadfast denial to do so.

A very crafty (not really) friend placed a piece of work in my hands that is dourly causing me to rethink those very straightforward statements by Paul regarding the women serving beside me in church and especially the one who lives with and sleeps beside me in our home.

I’ll not divulge the title of the book yet, nor the author here, as I’m in a sort of digestive mode (that beats defensive mode any day), but intend to offer some articles in the near future where I’ll introduce both.

In the meantime, I beg of your feedback, “Is it right to read Scripture through tradition and historical culture, or along beside it? Before answering, meditate for a moment or two on how the New Testament authors read and applied the Old.”

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2 Responses to Are Venus and Mars Alright Tonight?

  1. ccragamuffin says:

    “Take for thought that of the role of women in the church.” This is an interesting statement. The role of women in the church…did you mean the role of heirs according to the promise? (Gal 3: 26-29) Smiling.
    I am looking forward to how your digestive mode continues…and the process…what you will find nourishment in…and what you will think are empty calories 🙂
    Great post. Great way to create interest!! (Well, I am interested!)
    ~ cc

  2. kappello says:

    If one looks at it holistically, I do not believe women are to be elders or bishops, unless there is no qualified male available. As for pastors, that is something that most likely Paul would have left up to the local churches and bishops to discern. Also, when he was addressing the women speaking, he was most likely referring to women not gossiping and disrupting services. Paul was a stickler as is God for things being orderly, so most likely it was about keeping things orderly and if one looks to God’s original intent in Genesis before the Fall, then one sees that men and women worked as a team, not in competition, so if they could do so now, the compliment of male and female could benefit the church.

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