AKA “The Mirror”

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved childrenEphesians 5:1

DSC_0275The recipe to hear “make her stop copying me” is simply to put more than one child in a room…and then…wait.    The first time one of The Little Darlings made that complaint to me, I was instantly sucked back in time.  I vividly remembered bringing the same grievance to my father only to hear him say, “You only copy someone you admire.”  That threw a bucket of cold water on my heated irritation.  Who would complain about being admired?

That is the scenario I thought of when I read, “be imitators.”



The root of the English word…mimic.

What often bothers me about being mimicked is that someone has to watch me closely to do it, and then I see their impression of me.  Not usually fun.

Paul takes this scenario and reinterprets it in a positive way.  When He tells us to watch what God does then do it, he knows that entails us keeping our eyes on Someone.  Imitation is a great method to use in learning something.  I watch how someone is doing it.  Then I do it.    Watching God is watching the perfect example.  That method of wisdom gathering could intimidate and frustrate me but the rest of the instruction encourages me to persevere.     “As beloved children.”  I am not just keeping my eye closely on a perfect example, I am a beloved daughter, intently adoring my loving Father with eyes of love.

Watching to imitate a life.

Watching love with love.

How do you want me to do this life Abba?

Would you show me?

Part 17 of “Echoes of Encouragement from Ephesians.” See Also: Within Walking Distance

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Christina C. is a woman energized by encouraging others. She never wants to forget that she is a ragamuffin...a broken earthen vessel, heavy laden, bedraggled, and weary until grace changed her life. She now holds a treasure in a cracked earthen vessel. Anything bright or beautiful is the treasure shining through the cracks.
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5 Responses to AKA “The Mirror”

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  2. ccragamuffin says:

    Thank you for adding another layer to the illustration, Joseph! Too many times we are cross-eyed…our eyes going in two directions. The world and The Lord. That is an unfocused way to gaze! Blessings to you.

  3. Well said! We so need to keep our eyes on God if we are not to follow the examples of the world around us.

  4. Ben Nelson says:

    Good Word – imitator of God – That’s what i love so much about Jesus. He, as the express image of God wearing a man suit – I can actually see Him and imitate.
    Thank you!

    • ccragamuffin says:

      “Jesus…the express image of God”, that is a beautiful truth that adds depth to this blog post, thank you Ben. It brings a wealth of meaning to the words of Jesus, “Follow Me”. May your day be blessed as you gaze on Him.

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