Just as Moses once before had interceded for these children of Israel, so too Ezekiel makes his plea, but to no avail; God is leaving His mercy seat and His just judgement is being poured out by way of the Babylonians.

In a striking vision Ezekiel is allowed to see what human eyes cannot. We see with our eyes a mighty and fierce Chaldean army sweep through Israel as a destructive force; Ezekiel sees a band of angels with blood stained swords sparing only a remnant.

Red XIt is how the remnant is spared that makes this vision so striking. Before the angels begin their bloody scourge of the rebellious and idolatrous nation, one is sent with paint and brush to place a mark on the foreheads of the spared.

Starting then at the Temple, the angels begin their massacre of everyone not bearing the symbol of the cross.

The remnant is given promise through their prophet, “One day I will bring you home to your land.” Ezekiel 8 – 14

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  1. That sign is still the only thing standing between us and the Death Angel. Oh glad I am to be seen through the blood of Christ and not in any righteousness of my own!

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  3. And He is fulfilling this promise. The regathering of Israel should encourage all believers greatly to see how He keeps His promise to all of His “marked” people. Thanks!

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