Conflict in the Strip

GazaThe conflict in Gaza is no doubt of interest to much of the world. In this seemingly endless aggression between Israel and Palestine, we find side-takers excitedly promoting their causes for one reason or another, some to the side of the Jewish people and others to the side of the Palestinians. Sometimes, put mildly, these stances are sounded abusively.

One explicit case of this was heard in a crowd full of professing Christians and activists who went into a cheerful outburst at the words of an Israeli soldier, “Hamas started this war. The soldiers of Israel must smash their skulls and break their spines.”

To be fair, there is an equal, or probably more so aggressive stance from the world against Israel. A Belgian café owner displayed a sign denoting, ““Dogs are allowed in this establishment but Jews are not under any circumstances.”

It is not for me to say Israel is wrong in their efforts to find peace and protection for her citizens, as since reports seemingly agree the terrorist militants, Hamas, uses the innocent as death targets to promote an agenda, but there is the question of compassion for a people who were also at one time exiled from their homes, these Palestinian people.

I wonder what kind of stories we might hear if it were possible to speak personally with the elderly in Gaza; a young Palestinian child; those who have lost loved ones to retaliatory fire? I think, for me, it is worthwhile recognizing that this conflict, age old as it may be, involves complexities beyond the eschatological influence of recent generations, and I see no value in finding zest in the suffering of anyone.

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4 Responses to Conflict in the Strip

  1. kennymack2 says:

    Again I say “Peace in heaven not on earth” Either you believe the bible or you don’t. So what has changed since Pagan times. This is 2014 . It might as well be “BEE-CEE”

  2. Nice post. The Middle East situation is a real tough one. Both sides have faults for sure and we know the reason why. As much a I would like the end of the turmoil to come, when it does, it will be short lived. Then Israel really is going to have problems for awhile.

  3. Jessica & Love says:

    Well written post, thank you for sharing this. Jessica

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