Journaling in an Angry Nation

Sleep ended three-ish for me this morning; a bit earlier than normal. Possum, in from the cold, did his collar rattle so I made my way to the front door to let him out. He merely stared at the opening into the brisk night showing no desire or need of the tree in our front yard. He’s been known to sound false alarms.

Fully awake, I opened my reader to the parables of lost stuff; a sheep, a coin, and a couple of sons. Nudged by a memory what should have been long-forgotten lyrics, “Playin’ solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty one,” my mind in its should still be a’ sleeping state sought to trace these stories of Myst with a dash of modernity; I don’t suggest you follow suit by the way. There’s a card missing… remember?

Inappropriately, I try to play this jack-short hand against a nation seemingly to have lost something, something that leaves us in a divided plethora of mayhem.

What have we lost? Some make suggestions, but if you’ve taken notice, there’s a great gulf of contradictive responses. Some suggest morality and a remembrance of our roots while others compassion and charity.

Our President reminds us that we all came from somewhere else and the hypocrisy of denying others the same acceptance, while his adversaries advise we shut down our borders, warning of threats of illness and terrorism. The debacle is that both have sound reasoning for their stances.

On one hand, everyone I think will want to continue to feel we live in a relatively secure nation, free from the acts of anger perpetrated by radical thugs. On the other though, most of us have now become acquainted with, even friends with, those illegally living here, and see the agony they endure living in the shadows, as victims of an abusive and unfair system that we citizens have no part in.

What concerns me a lot is that I have lost most confidence, should I have ever had any, in our people of governing, and their ability to do what is right for all. Maybe Nathanael might have asked, “Can anything good come out of Washington?” One thing is for certain, it was a celebratory day when a sheep, a coin, and a son were all found. But then, there was a great seeking and yearning prior to the finding. There was an admission that something was lost. I wonder do we recognize that something is missing, lost? I would love to hear what you say it may be… and as I exit stage-left, I remind for thought, there were two sons. Anyone have an extra one-eyed hook?

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Seeking the rest that is only promised and found in Christ Jesus, along with my treasured wife of more than twenty-five years, we seek to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, walk with the Holy Spirit as He moves our hearts, loving others always as Jesus loves us, and carry the news of His glory, the wonderful gospel, that gives light and life where there once was only darkness.
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3 Responses to Journaling in an Angry Nation

  1. I feel I must comment as I listened to that song yesterday in my car and told my friend that it would be stuck in my head for days. I have been “counting flowers on the wall” all month it seems. Even though I thought I was giving myself less to think about by abstaining from social media in November, I have found that removing social opinion from my influences has highlighted in my mind the deep hunger and thirst that is permeating our culture. Throughout #NoFBNov I have read a lot…my most recent read Philip Yancey’s Vanishing Grace has really got me…I can’t stop thinking about thirsty people. Hey church–don’t tell me– “I’ve nothing to do.”

    • mtsweat says:

      I did catch your resolve of refrain good friend, and am really glad you stopped by for a moment break in social silence, if for nothing else than a quick game of solitaire and to count a few flowers on the wall. I was hoping you had a spare jack though as it gets old playing minus a necessary card. In reality, I wonder when was the last time anyone played the game with a real deck of cards? Oh well, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit, right? I loved that post by the way, just have been excruciatingly busy so as to only squeeze in reading with rare comments, but hope to do better in the future. Never let em’ tell you you’ve nothing to do.

      As a confession, this post really is my way of being angry that it seems every time some movement begins to take place to help my illegal friends, another Fergusson rears its head and everyone forgets them again. I really am for immigrants legally becoming citizens, but the system in place is ludicrous and unfair. A poor traveler stands no chance of fighting through the red tape. They cannot afford the demands from their own country and they cannot afford ours. They play with a literal deck of 51.

      Blessings our good friend, hope all is well your way.

      • I confess it feels like cheating to even comment on WordPress. I’ll likely be referencing you on my return to social media blog post. (Ferguson breaks this Missouri girl’s heart. I’m almost afraid to read the varying opinions when I return to FB next week.) I work in workforce development so I see the inbetweeners that are stuck from leaving one country and feeling apart from their new home. These travelers know more about priorities, family, and hope than most can begin to comprehend.

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