Barabbas Visited

I wonder what Barabbas did on Saturday evening. He, of course, was now a free man, released from prison for his crime against the prevailing governing authority, Rome.

The story so as we are told, eventually turned to Pilot questioning the people as to who they would release, Jesus or Barabbas. Interestingly, archaeologists confirm that the prison where Barabbas would have been confined was nearly a half a mile from where Jesus was on trial. This means he would not have heard the questions Pilot asked of Jesus but definitely would have heard the angry mob’s cries.

The first question was, “Shall I release Jesus or Barabbas?” From his prison cell he would have heard his name shouted out and may have even equated these shouts with support for his stand against Rome. But the next thing he would have heard, because he couldn’t hear Pilot ask the people, “What will you have me do with Jesus,” was that determined mob shouting, “Crucify him, crucify him, crucify him!”

I’ve no doubt Barabbas walked from his cell a very confused man, freed because the people insisted that this man named Jesus must be killed. I wonder what Barabbas thought about on Saturday evening… more important, I wonder how he responded when on Sunday morning news began to travel of the man who died in his place walking forth from his grave.

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