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Hobby Lobby, Eastbound and Down, and the Adamic Nature

Running around the web, here’s a few things that caught my attention. These are very worthy of sharing with you. Enjoy… Clark, author at The Master’s Table, has asked Christians to step up in support of the Green family, owners of Hobby … Continue reading

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The World’s Three Deadliest Words: “It’s A Girl”

Over at The High Road, I came across this very disturbing piece that simply solidifies our need for brokenness when we survey the pain, suffering, and persecution taking place in our world today. The author introduces his post with these words. … Continue reading

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I’ll Take Todd Akin Over the GOP Any Day

Christian Liberty News reports these encouraging words with the title, “Christians Favor MO Candidate Todd Akin Over GOP.” You can read the article here. Cringe at the absurdity of his words if you will, but Mr. Akin’s stance on abortion is biblically … Continue reading

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