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Blue Parakeets in the House of Junia

When first I met Junia I humbly confess that it was with a vexed spirit having little, maybe no consideration for Scot McKnight’s vantage and its validity. The verses we have in Holy Writ regarding women in ministry are so straightforward, aren’t they? Who … Continue reading

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Blue Parakeets Living on Venus and Mars

Ya’ll havin’ possum fer supper? I am, but you ain’t, lessin you got yer own. An you leave that woman alone! She’s mine, bought and paid fer. Reading Scot McKnight’s Blue Parakeet against the backdrop of the famed Lonesome Dove … Continue reading

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Blue Parakeets Without Chapters and Verses

It seems that one of the perks of being willing to read outside the normal comfort zone is not in hopes of rebelling against traditional thoughts that have done me well for better than half a century, but in uncovering … Continue reading

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Oh My Itching Ears

There’s a lynching over Jim’s way… or at least there will be soon. His latest dares to question Why God Might Not Be Concerned About Our Doctrinal Differences; Not For Itching Ears. So hurry! Either bring a fire extinguisher or … Continue reading

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Blue Parakeets in Space and Time

We say we live by the Bible’s precepts… this is admirable. If we’re honest though, we also recognize that we don’t really do everything that the Bible prescribes. For sake of brevity, consider the words of Paul regarding women in … Continue reading

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