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Carry the Light

Missions is taking the Light to where there is darkness.  Missions is not only crossing the sea to a distant land, for it might mean carrying the Light to your coworker. It might mean carrying it to your neighbor across the … Continue reading

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A Hopeless End…or…An Endless Hope

The Red Sea in front…mountains and hills on the sides…Pharaoh and his army behind. The scenario in Exodus 14 looks hopeless. Yet, it is the Lord who engineered this setting. He brought the plagues, one at a time to reveal … Continue reading

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Another Blueberry Blessing

Did you know that blueberries only develop on new plant growth? That important piece of information totally escaped me until Friend told me that fact while I was working with him in the blueberry field he manages. He went on … Continue reading

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Blueberry Lessons

Contributing Author: Cee Cee Blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry cobbler, blueberry cheesecakes, all are yummmm…but my favorite way to eat blueberries is by the handful, fresh picked off the bush, all warmed by the early morning sun. I have to … Continue reading

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Fill Er’ Up

Author: Cee Cee When you live in a rural area, you learn to always ask “I’m going into town, does anyone need anything?”  So it wasn’t unusual for one of The Little Darlings to ask if I would fill up … Continue reading

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