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Adding the Un to Conditional Grace

We read of Jesus’ encounter with the woman caught in the act of adultery (John 8) and our nature refuses to let the text stand for what it is. Jesus declares, “Neither do I condemn you.” The words from this text are … Continue reading

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Goest Thou?

Are you going? If so, where? Are you going in your dining room? Maybe you prefer to go in your neighborhood? Are you one of those going in places far away and out of the public eye? Yeah, like you’re … Continue reading

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For All the Bloggers Who Could Use a Little Encouragement Today

Should I share how often I’ve thought it profitable to snatch my keyboard from its mother-host, and throw it into the cow pasture north of the big pond? How much more might the bulls do with the ‘letters form words’ … Continue reading

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Stand Firm!

As our Pastor wraps up his walking us through Paul’s letter to the Philippians, and as I meandered through my notes, I couldn’t resist sharing a bit from chapter four. The message of this chapter is so timely for our … Continue reading

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A Third Anniversary Word From ChristianBlessings

On this third anniversary of ChristianBlessings we do well to remember the Lord and His work in and among us at ChristianBlessings. 1. Re-dedication At Shechem, Joshua challenged the people to choose nothing short of wholehearted rededication “in sincerity and truth” … Continue reading

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