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Keba’s Story

Matt and the family have now made their way into Diouloulou. He posts these words at his site, All Senegal for Christ. “I met Keba a few years ago when I was on a trip to Diouloulou. He is from … Continue reading

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A Resistance is Forming

“Brother, come and see who we’ve found! He’s here! The one the prophets told us of… He’s here!” Israel longed for the days of old. Days they knew nothing of, but the stories were preserved, and oh how they loved … Continue reading

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This is Discipleship

Casey Lewis of Christianity Matters offered this excellent clip… so I had to steal it. Good stuff. Thanks Casey! Related articles Faith Child – Help! They need a mentor – Part 2 ( Apprenticed to Jesus: Dallas Willard’s the Great … Continue reading

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The Forgotten East

I’m pretty confident as I write the words of this post that the author of the link soon to be provided offered a much differing intent with her words than where I shall be inclined to go here. That’s the beauty … Continue reading

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Tapping Into Power That Is Really There

Soon, as our Pastor is leading us into a deeper understanding of Jesus’ command to all believers to be disciple-making disciples (Matthew 28), I hope to share from his wealth of knowledge so that others may invest in these life changing truths … Continue reading

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