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Making Biscuits and Saving for Missions

TC makes biscuits while Shannon feeds Possum’s new found friend a day’s loose change. It’s a new twist on Piggy Banks for Missions!

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Learning to Live Flexibly and Intentionally

As our time in Senegal was winding down, Matt shared with me a site he thought would be of interest. He was very right. A Life Overseas: The Mission Conversation, offers the words from a variety of authors from around … Continue reading

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I Can’t Just Go On Eating Dinner

This excerpt is from an article written by Matt Boyd, our Brother and friend serving in Senegal, Africa. You can read the entire post and learn more of his ministry at All Senegal for Christ. I recently attended the CRAF Conference in … Continue reading

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When in Atlanta, do as the Atlantans do?

Snatched far beyond the borders of what I consider the comfort zone of my life… yes, that about sums up our recent week’s travels. Questions intervene and I hear it asked, “How far are you willing to carry good news? … Continue reading

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Goest Thou?

Are you going? If so, where? Are you going in your dining room? Maybe you prefer to go in your neighborhood? Are you one of those going in places far away and out of the public eye? Yeah, like you’re … Continue reading

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