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Stop Being So Happy

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Pot Pie Eyes

Known especially for his kicking feet, Pot Pie on occasion likes to show off his eyes and teeth too. Seriously, this is the post I offer you on Tuesday? Sorry, can’t help it… the kid is irresistible. He can be … Continue reading

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Possum’s Foiled Swim Party

There’s nothing Pot Pie loves more than a dip in the water trough after a hard day of working cattle. He’s just not quite sure of swimming with a prehistoric bird. …especially one who ignores him. Related articles Pot Pie … Continue reading

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It’s Alright to be a Little-Bitty

Intimidated? Feeling a little like a marble rolling around in a tub of cannon balls? Yeah; me too. TC caught this shot of a newborn posing in the midst of the Angus grown-ups, and as usual, couldn’t help but see … Continue reading

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Multi Purpose Eyewear

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