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A New/ Old Line of Communication

From the pulpit, our pastor asked a simple question of the congregation, “How do you describe our church when people inquire about us?” My mind began to reel with pride as I thought, “Oh yeah, I’ve got this one.” I often … Continue reading

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The Valley of Vision

Over at Jeff’s place this morning, this prayer was offered. SEVENTH DAY EVENING: FUTURE BLESSINGS O Lord God, There is no blessing we implore but you are able to give, have promised to give, have given already to countless multitudes, all … Continue reading

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Praying with the Wordsmith

LeRoy’s post at this link (below) pretty much sums up what my recent posts have attempted to present. The urgency of prayer in the life of a believer. Enjoy… Okay. Now a request. How do you change these links … Continue reading

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