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NY Muslim Man Who ‘Disciplined’ Wife to Death for Not Making Goat Dinner Sentenced

To which one might only go, “Huh?” The Christian News Network in an article written by Heather Clark, reports that Noor Hussain beat his wife to death for her refusal to make him a goat dish. His defense provided a … Continue reading

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I Hate Religion: What Does That mean?

I hear the words, “I hate religion.” I hear them in my mind but they refuse to dwell there in solitude. I vocalize them… often and sometimes with intensity. Then I’m challenged, “Is Christianity in no sense a religion?” If “the service and … Continue reading

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15 Reasons Why You Might be a Pharisee

It’s nothing new to inform you of Jesus’ rejection of and attack upon the religious leaders of Israel, especially those known as the Pharisees. It might be surprising though to find how easily we can act just like them. So, you might … Continue reading

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