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The Paradox of Faith

The greatness of God rouses fear within us, but His goodness encourages us not to be afraid of Him. To fear and not be afraid — that is the paradox of faith. A. W. Tozer As our Pastor has now … Continue reading

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AW Tozer Examines the State of the Church

“The church began in power, moved in power, and moved just as long as she had power. When she no longer had power she dug in for safety and sought to conserve her gains. But her blessings were like the manna: … Continue reading

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A Simpler Way… Peace at no Extra Charge

“The simplicity which is in Christ is rarely found among us. In its stead are programs, methods, organizations and a world of nervous activities which occupy time and attention but can never satisfy the longing of the heart. The shallowness … Continue reading

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Thirst for the Divine

“Lord, teach me to listen. The times are noisy and my ears are weary with the thousand raucous sound which continuously assault them. Give me the spirit of the boy Samuel when he said to Thee, ‘Speak, for Thy servant … Continue reading

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A. W. Tozer on Sanctification

“The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within us.”   A. W. … Continue reading

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