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Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?

As I rummage through archives of Church History, I’m awed often by the resolved effort of past leaders to preserve the truth. Take for example the Filioque from the revised Nicene Creed. This minor insertion caused no small disturbance and … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking Clues, um

Dear Comment-maker, Are you sure you’re speaking to me? The reason I ask is because WordPress thinks your comment is spam. It seems you have something very important to share with me and my readers, but I have to be … Continue reading

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Weaning, Waning, and Howling at the Moon

It’s graduation day on the ranch. It’s a noisy celebration, but not so festive. Weaning day, USA! It’s time for the babies to say goodbye to their moms. Boy, do they say goodbye loudly! The neighbors are calling and I … Continue reading

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IRS and Corruption

Interesting thoughts by NEO this morning… nebraskaenergyobserver So we are all shocked that the IRS targeted conservative/Tea Party groups to slow down their tax exempt status, huh? Why on earth would you be surprised? FDR did it, Kennedy did it, Johnson and … Continue reading

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Take a Long Look in the Mirror

Call it an interlude if you must, but this survey by the Barna Group is worth a glance if it causes me to reflect on who others see in me; Jesus or Pharisee? By the time I had made it … Continue reading

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