P1150642A convenient path, just for me, (okay… you can use it too) of links to ccragamuffin’s most excellent offering as she walks us with Paul through his letter to the Ephesians.

1:1-2     1:2     1:3-14     1:3-14b     1:15-18     2:1-7     2:8-10     2:11-22     3:1-13     3:14-21     4:1     4:2-3     4:4-6     4:7-11     4:20-21     4:22-24     5:1     5:2-21     5:22-33     6:10-12     6:13-17

1 Response to Echoes

  1. lucinda408 says:

    Thank you for sharing , I will walk through these verses!

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