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Lighthouse Encounters of a Third Kind

I wish I could say that it is not often my pastor can throw one at me that catches me fully off-guard, but that would be basking in what I’ve not to offer. I would wrongly think that my love … Continue reading

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Enns and His Misbehaving Bible

An exodus heralds its ads from the living-room screen, “Come see Christian Bale take on Pharaoh and his goons,” while a friend leans back on Wednesday eve with words, “Did you feel awkward sitting through tonight’s lesson having just written … Continue reading

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To Box a Parakeet

For when I offered them this voice that you had given me When I offered them these hands that you had strengthened When I offered them these feet that you had guided They gave me a box. (Kate Wallace, Junia Project) … Continue reading

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Nurturing Your Blog in its Infancy

So you’ve started a new blog. Good for you, and welcome as you join the other 250 million plus others of us putting our thoughts onto the web. This means of course, if we keep the number rounded, there are … Continue reading

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Blue Parakeets, Heretics, and Elephants who will not Leave the Room

The traffic slows. The common crowd thins. Many of the visitors who do stop by steer clear of the like button, and certainly will refrain from commenting. It’s another parakeet post and the inference of their content goes against the … Continue reading

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