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The End of All Things

The heresies (among other things) that prompted the convening of counsels throughout Church History, in a manner of speaking, brought about maturing thoughts to the Creeds and Confessions. One such example might be the addition, at Constantinople, of the words, … Continue reading

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Leaning… a little too far

When is Jesus going to return? Has He already returned? What’s all this talk of a rapture, an anti-christ, and a millennium? What does the Bible teach about the end of it all as we know it? First… some balance. … Continue reading

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Peter Warns Me… but do I Listen?

Peter, sharing of an event described as a time when the heavens and the earth would be consumed by fire, alludes to Paul’s teachings… “…as he does in all his letters when he speaks in them of these matters. There … Continue reading

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There’s a First Time for…

Attempting to see if I can use this poll feature WordPress offers us (refer to photo above…), I present this little question in relation to a verse from Jesus’ Olivet Discourse. “For many will come in My name, saying, I … Continue reading

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These Last Days (3)

A Christian View of History Alistair Begg contributes a section to this collection that ponders the mystery of a dramatic transformation that occurs after Acts, chapter two. The first chapter of Acts presents the ascension of Jesus.  Before He ascends, … Continue reading

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