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Stand Firm!

As our Pastor wraps up his walking us through Paul’s letter to the Philippians, and as I meandered through my notes, I couldn’t resist sharing a bit from chapter four. The message of this chapter is so timely for our … Continue reading

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Fear in the Face of Adversity

If there’s one thing that is reasonably easy to do for the student of God’s Word, it is to assume a false pretense of the man Paul and his ministry. So often, such as in the letter to the Philippians, we … Continue reading

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Feuding in the Foyer

“One of these days, Alice… one of these days! Pow!!! Right up side the old kisser! Bang, Zoom …straight to the moon!” No, this isn’t a scene from the Kramden residence. Ralph and Alice aren’t at it again. Instead, the … Continue reading

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Biting Off Less Than I Can Chew

“I don’t think I can handle that much! Do you offer a smaller portion for those who only want a snack or a sampler maybe?” Let me be honest here for a moment… it wasn’t the quantity that worried me … Continue reading

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